Your International buying and purchasing agent


We act as your buying and purchasing agents in North America for a wide range of commercial and industrial products. We can source your needs in North America and provide you with the best price, products, service, delivery and support.

You can reach us by phone, fax, e-mail or mail giving us your product requirements, price ideas and any comments and suggestions. We can also assist you with shipping, consolidation of your existing purchases from North America, warehousing and much more.

If you have already located the product and the supplier we can place the orders for you and arrange for the payment of the order to the supplier on your behalf as well. All you have to do is advise us the details of the item and the supplier's web site.

We then can give you one invoice for the purchase of the goods as well as the shipping costs to the final destination. We only charge a purchase and handling fee as a percentage of your total purchase amount over and above the actual cost of the item (s) from the suppliers and or manufacturers.

We are at your disposal for a singe requirement, on-going orders, consulting and more. We can arrange shipping WORLDWIDE for any orders large or small.
Simple ways we can work with you.

1-You find your own supplier and negotiate your best prices with them. Once you have placed the order with your supplier you pass on the order details and we will confirm the order, get the details so we can arrange for the shipping of your goods. If you want us to pay the supplier we can do this for you and give you one invoice for both the goods and the shipping. We will make sure that your order is processed by the supplier and then ship your order as per your specifications.


2-If you want us to deal with your supplier all you need to do is give us the details of your preferred supplier and the details of the goods to be ordered from them. We will negotiate the prices, place the order and give you one simple invoice for the goods as well as the shipping.

3-If you do not have a preferred supplier you can give us the full details of the items / goods you are requiring with item numbers with as much detail as possible including expected prices. We will locate the possible suppliers and give you a price quote for your approval and once approved we will place the order and arrange the shipping of your order.


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